About Us

What Wise Professor is

Wiseprofessor.com is an Online Tutoring Platform with a simple mission: to unite tutors and students all over the world. We want to give our users an abode to learn, teach, meet people and interchange views worldwide.

Tutoring for all subjects….

Our tutors specialize in every area you can imagine. Starting from languages, through hard science and humanities to subjects connected with body and mindarts and crafts or computer / business

Comfort of using

Starting using wiseprofessor is really quick and easy. Registration takes less than 1 minute. You sign up only once and then decide if you want to create your tutor profile or start learning. If you want to be both a tutor and a student it’s also possible – we give you the full flexibility.

Our Standard Flat rate for tutoring services is $100/subject for four weeks, Selecting subjects is also free, you will be charged once tutor is assigned to you.

Try us today, registration is completely free!